Friday, March 27, 2009

What I've Been Up To Lately

This uber-tiny keyboard and a mouse = recording studio.
Plus beer, of course.
ProTools™ is some mighty serious professional software.

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In case you can't tell, I'm a bass player now.

Only played one paying gig on bass (1979?) but have always loved it.
Was always more valuable as a lead guitarist or a sound engineer, I guess.
Sold my last less-than-6 stringer in 2002 so I had to learn the songs on a regular guitar, which had me worried.
Plugged in, clamped a Sony H1 to the headstock for BassCam™ goodness, counted down four beats and rocked.
The basscam was inspired by 1980s metal videos on MTV, BTW.

Edited this one to the part where you can hear me play without guitar and vocals covering it up.
I also like watching Mike and David drink beers while Steve and I lock into the groove.
Running sound for him during almost all of the last 20 years, I can pretty much read his mind.
Once I regain my chops (and calluses) we'll be a seriously tight rhythm section.

Next rehearsal will see some more complicated bass songs, like Judith by A Perfect Circle and In The Meantime by Spacehog.

God Bless YouTube and the tablature and lyric websites!
Back in the day we had to lift the tonearm up and place it carefully down again to re-play the section we were trying to figure out.
The rich guys had a "cueing arm" that was hands-free.
Our LPs got demolished from this abuse.
There was almost no sheet music for heavy rock releases, and what you could find was horribly wrong.

Today, when a guy nails a song he'll write it out in a chart with graphic string/fret format and upload to sharing websites.
The most accurate ones rise in the rankings so they are easy to find.
Didn't have time to decipher the lyrics and write them down?
Clickclickdownloadprint, bitches.
Saves untold hours of tedious work, especially on complicated stuff that makes no logical sense to those of us with classical music training.

My name is Keith
I play the bass

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Dave said...

I love the BassCam!