Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Antique Agua

Around 15 or so years ago the band I was in got an unusual booking: to be the opening act for The Village People at whatever Tiffany Billiards on San Pedro was calling itself back then.
We played rock and pop hits and original Texas blues/rock, so the whole idea was pretty silly but money is money.
All I remember about that night was that as soon as our last note died I was unplugging my sound gear and hauling it out as fast as I could.
My goal was to be drinking a Bud at Rocky's by the time the Villagers hit the stage, and I made it, too!

Was informed later that one of our members was lingering in the dressing room and during their set, stole one mineral water and one towel for each of the six VPs.
He made a little shrine with his treasure, displaying the 6 bottles with a white sweat towel wrapped around it.
A funny band story that I have told many times over the years.

Fast-forward to July 2009:
Through the unpredictable twists of fate and circumstance I am suddenly in possession of five bottles of Topo Chico™ mineral water, a product of Monterrey Mexico. Ingredients: Water, Carbon Dioxide.
Inside the same carton are photos of the band member who raided the Village People's backstage supplies, as well as tapes of him playing and writing songs at home and in the studio if the labels are accurate.

I'll be passing these items along to him eventually, but at the moment I'm laughing my ass off. The story I've been telling has come full-circle and I now have some of the evidence in-hand.
Sure, I always believed the tale but never saw any part of it for myself.
Now, I know!

In my mind I always pictured it being Perrier™.
I'm curious if this water still has any fizz after 15 years.

For $100 cash I'll drink one.


Dave said...

Drink it? Hell, you may have to water your yard with it!

Great story.

Albatross said...

Topo Chico.

I've never heard of it. I wonder if that was a preference of the band or if they just had to take what the club provided them.

Echoing Dave: Make sure the SAWS police see you pouring it out with your hand so they don't cite you for wasting water!

Albatross said...

Nothing else to add with this comment. I just wanted to share with you the next word verification that popped up after my previous comment.


Honestly. I can't say as I've ever gotten a verification that was an actual word before.