Friday, June 05, 2009


I never had any interest in water drop photos before.
Didn't see the point--good ones are cool and all, but does anyone buy prints of them to hang on their walls?
Can they be used to report an event of some kind?

All that changed when I actually tried it myself, due to seeing a good tutorial on how it's done at The Strobist blog.

The Strobist has taught me and a few million other people how to use flash units in the quickest and most effective way, and what I've learned there over the years has really taken my photography to another level.

I think this one should be called Balanced



It took more time to fill my bucket than it did to take the pictures, even though for stuff like this you have to "spray and pray"--I took 85 shots in a few minutes to get these three.
And it turns out that I really enjoyed the process and the results.
It was fun, and I like looking at them.
Pics like this make nice desktop wallpapers.

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Speaking of the Strobist, David Hobby: As a mentor to millions around the world, he's a pretty famous guy in photography.
Making DVDs on how to light, flying to Dubai and Seattle and Paris etc to give hands-on workshops, and just operating his incredible blog, this fellow is busy!.
So it's always a thrill when he takes the time to personally comment on photos of mine over at Flickr.
Apparently he's a fan of my pictures of guns and katydids, with the bugs having the edge since he actually added them to his "Favorites" listing.
With the guns, I get the impression he likes the guns themselves more than my photos.

Here's the full photo of my brother's hunting pistol:

It was my favorite photo from our second session shooting pics for his website, ZZakk's Lab.
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Albatross said...

A .243 pistol? I can't say as I've ever shot one. That cartridge looks like it's got a lot of powder. I would think it would jump in your hand pretty good.

KeithAlanK said...

.243 is a popular rifle cartridge for deer and other medium-sized game. Basically a .308 with a smaller diameter bullet, so it's got plenty of muscle. With lighter weight bullets it's also great for varmint hunting, since they shoot fast and with a flat trajectory.
The pistol is very big and heavy, but the recoil and muzzle blast are still impressive--not for pussies.
The Lone Eagle was chambered for just about all the popular cartridges from .22 Hornet to .30-06 and even .444 Marlin I think.
.243 was a great choice for all around critter control.

Albatross said...

not for pussies.

I would think not. My dad's favorite hunting rifle was a .270, and the cartridge for it looked similar. That gun had a lot of recoil, and I can't imagine how it would feel trying to shoot a handgun version of it.

But, then again, I have shot a .44 Magnum Blackhawk, and you have to hold onto that gun pretty tight. Maybe that's comparable.

KenKzak said...

I like the concept of ammo commonality, but carbines are few and far between these days, so I went at it from the other direction. And I LOVE the rotating breech.

23 chamberings in the first offering in 1991, they dropped a few and picked up some others after that. .444 Marlin was the bigg'un.

The .243 is wicked fast. I've got bullets from 60gr. to 140gr. soft nose. Something for every kind of varmint!

Without custom loads the flash is worse than the kick [for me].
I developed a pretty bad flinch that took a while to get over.

KenKzak said...

That's Mama Roo from WtP.
Good ones, I always liked droplet pics.
Now try different liquids and viscosities. Even disimilar liquids.
Come on, complicate it.

KeithAlanK said...

Actually, there was a trace of glycerine in my drops, if that counts.
It all boils down to lighting it correctly and making smart camera and Photoshop choices, unless you want to see a prismatic oily sheen or something equally exotic.

Dropping Homie heads into the bucket would make for better pictures, but they refuse to assimilate and soon become a distraction.
Likewise other drop materials--they quickly become a pain in the ass unless you have a specific story to tell.

KenKzak said...
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KenKzak said...

If you want assimilate, drop them in Nitric Acid. Nice wispy smoke effect too. Got some in the LLab.

Actually Homies sink. Tested the first one I got.
If they'd floated I was gonna buy some tiny chain and make some little cinder blocks and...