Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"The Pearl Is In The River"

Anyone who knows this movie quote also knows that 'river' was a mispronunciation of Liver. Name this flick?
There were actual munchkins in it.

On Firday night--a rare free Friday for me--we drove around looking for satisfying food. Going towards downtown on Broadway I was trying to stay open to messages/ideas from the ether while we discussed our options when I spotted Sam's Burger Joint.
Knowing that Sylvia had never been there before, and having eaten Sam's burgers myself back when Acapulco Sam's was a huge draw on the Riverwalk, I quickly turned and parked under US281.
Me and Sam go way back--I used to run sound for bands at Acapulco Sam's at least 4-6 times a month in the late '90s, and even did a bunch of gigs when he was located in the Chopsticks building on Loop 410 and Summit Parkway circa 1991-2.

The 1/2 pound classic burger is what a burger should be, plus nicely seasoned onion rings. Cold fries on this visit but at least they were real.
Her tea got dumped out and replaced with a slightly less ass-tasting Diet Pepsi.
$17.50 not entirely well spent, but the burgers and rings are good and we want to try the tater tots.

Walking to the car I noticed the sunset. It was spectacular, and the clouds had insane shapes lit perfectly.
I set out at a very fast walk towards the Pearl Brewery complex, intending to use the main building as my subject in front of the awesome sky.
In my heart I knew I would be too late, and I was by about 20 seconds.
The lighting conditions change every second as the sun goes down--the difference between 75 and 65 degrees overhead is almost meaningless, but when the setting sun is lighting clouds from below the change between -2 degrees and -3 is huge.
Sometimes a beautiful scene simple disappears in the time it takes to remove the lens cap.
Oh well...

Luckily, we parked our butts at a table next to a fountain and hung out for a bit.
I shot the fountain for fun while we talked and people-watched.
Then the sky turned on some more magic and I rushed to get this one.
Remember--as soon as it gets bad, it can get good again.

On Flickr I titled these photos Scaffolding 1 and 2 as a nod to my friend Matthew up in Toronto.

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Under the Rainbow.