Friday, June 19, 2009

Museum Reach

Museum Reach is what the newly-opened section of the RiverWalk is called.
It connects the older parts to the San Antonio Museum Of Art, and beyond to the Pearl Brewery and maybe even Brackenridge Park and the Witte Museum--we turned back to save some for another day.

Everything is clean and new and modern and cohesive compared to the rest of the RiverWalk, since it was designed and built all at once.
I can't begin to convey how much we love it.
It's wonderful, beautiful, whimsical, convenient, fun...I could go on and on.

What struck me was that unless you read the newspaper very carefully (or read Dave's blog) you wouldn't even know that all this beauty was being built! It's below street level, so miles of construction was hidden from view for years unless you knew where to look.
Then suddenly it's there, and it's great.

We got to watch several barges use the new locks.
When Lila Cockrell was mayor, she suggested that people get out of their barge and walk past the dam, then board another.
This is SO much better in every way.

I have four more photos and some stuff to tell you next time.


Mike in Texas said...

I love your pictures. I've been down there only during the day. Now I've got to go back after dark.

I have looked at your photos for awhile now, just haven't made any comments. But I do thank you for sharing them with us.

Dave said...

I haven't even walked down to the the next bridge in either direction beyond McCullough.

Where do you suggest parking to take a stroll during the early evening?

Mike in Texas said...

You can start at the Municipal Auditorium. There's usually parking on the street around St. Mark's Episcopal church (Travis Park) in the evening unless there's something going on at the auditorum. These days they have all the high school graduations, so it may be iffy. I've walked from the Municipal Auditorium to SAMA and back. Haven't been beyond that yet.

Anonymous said...

Parking on Brooklyn St. at the locks is a good place to park for either direction.

Dave said...

Thanks for the parking tips. We actually saw the Pearl Springs portion of the River Walk yesterday when we went to the Pearl Farmers Market. It is wonderful.

Can't wait to walk a good stretch of it in the evening. Of course, my pictures won't compare to KAK's.