Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red Helicopter


Dave said...

Wow. It seems so small out there.

Matthew Robertson said...

Of course I love it, and it's a fantastic sky, but I do wonder if you might have been laughing a little when you posted it...

KeithAlanK said...

The Story: I've not been taking pictures lately--still haven't bought a truck and am going a bit stir-crazy.
Found myself on a 3rd floor balcony near Sea World with an expansive view on a nice day and decided to go full wide-angle to grab as much of the pretty sky as possible.
The shot after waiting for the helicopter to clear out was the one I was after at the time--it's a better sky for sure--but realized during editing that the 'copter added another level of interest and as a blog title, another level or two of fun.

It seems so insignificant up there compared to the vast sky.
Almost represents my opinion on global warming--we are too small and powerless to hurt the mighty Earth.

Yes Matthew, I was laughing but only at myself.
I always "got" your photos that inspired this one, but never felt like it could be a technique that would fit within my own particular vision.

I was wrong.

Albatross said...

Yes, the helicopter does add something a little playful to the piece. I like it.