Monday, January 25, 2010

River South

On Saturday my camera club had a meet-and-shoot to check out another new section of the Riverwalk, from Blue Star to Roosevelt Park.
I brought both cameras but shot in infrared with the F828 almost exclusively.
Even using a monopod the high winds ruined many of my shots, since I'm restricted to 1/30th of a second shutter speed at the fast end.
I'll never understand why Sony didn't just stay with the 1/60 of my old F717 when they designed the F828--it's still too slow for lots of situations so it's not like they needed to piss me off any more than I was already.

The Pioneer Flour Mill's iconic tower makes a nice appearance here.

It's been quite some time since I last worked the Tower Of The Americas into a shot.

We were in the new section that runs behind the "Art Silos", which you might remember from a post in late November. This is an IR version of the night photo I took on Thanksgiving night.

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Albatross said...

Oh, wow. I just love that shot in the middle with the Tower. That is puro San Antonio, in a very good way.