Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mother's Day Lizard(s)

After having so much fun with the Easter Lizard I went looking for him on Mother's Day.

It made a nice test of the depth of focus with my new lens at F1.8.
Very shallow!

In this crop you can see that he is again flaring his dewlap.
Too bad someone got part of his tail.

It's not easy getting a shot of a prairie racerunner.
This one kept running away from me until it got on the other side of the fence.
Do small lizards even understand fences?
He seemed to know that I was no longer a danger.

Wished I had my 55-200mm lens right then, but I'm not taking my new 50mm off the camera until there is a compelling reason.
Still haven't used manual focus or stopped it down for more sharpness.

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