Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What A Difference!

You might remember last August when the San Antonio Museum of Art showed one of my photos:

I get to see the 11x14" print (+ frame) the museum made every single day, and it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to remember the honor and excitement.
So, I still love the print.

The photo itself, not so much anymore.

This past weekend I was working practically on top of the old dam's location.
It was the first time I've been there at night since the end of 2009, and what a difference a few months make!
Or maybe I should say what a difference the city's anti-algae crews make.

Here's how it looks now:

My original picture was made right after the new section of the Riverwalk opened, and because it wasn't a natural ecosystem things hadn't stabilized.
A hot-hot-hot summer with no rain and plenty of sunlight combined with a lack of wildlife that eat algae to create the perfect conditions for extreme green muck.

It was quickly obvious that something had to be done, and if I recall correctly the city parks dept outfitted/bought some barges that are equipped to fight the algae while the biosystem settles into harmony.
I must say it appears to be working well.
I also must say that the white lights submerged in blue water looks a hell of a lot better than the murky green.
The duck is a nice touch, too.

I would have tried to approximate the original photo better, but didn't have my tripod. But the color difference just kills me.
Oh well...

Here's a look just upstream:

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