Thursday, May 27, 2010

View's "Week In Review"

Lots of stuff going on but no time or ability to pursue my "art", such as it is.

Here are some snapshots of my busy life:
Got to play bass for half of a song with The Quickies on Saturday--Rikk is laughing because I'm cramming-in as many notes as possible in my allotted time, and some of them are pretty funny.
(One of SylCan2's best photos ever, to me).

The Sylvester Strange Experience played at VFW Post #76 on Sunday, and I took the opportunity to explore using high iso (1600) with my new fast prime lens and in-body stabilisation in order to impress Matthew.
As Sylvia said: "Would have been great without the gutter pipe".
But there were lessons learned for the future.

Tonight I started out just trying to get a mouse for my snake to eat. (And some shoes...)
Then I thought that it was about time to replace her shredded aspen bedding after cleaning up the poops.
And if I'm going to do all that, I might as well scrub the tank with diluted bleach, then run the hose on it.

Long story short, it's about damn time I got a nice commercial background product so my snake's tank isn't throwing light in all directions, looking all white-painted-walls-bland.
Atmosphere rocks.


Albatross said...

I don't know -- I kind of like the gutter pipe where it is. And the cable tacked to the column in front. They lend a realness to the scene, telling the viewer this is not some fantasy place, not some fake scene created with Photoshop and public domain art. It is a real place captured by the artist, and you can see it, too, if you just know where to look.

Maybe it's just me.

WV: ghtsoolo - The worst spelling of "guitar solo" I have ever seen.

Keith Alan K said...

I already knew that you "get it" from reading your blogs, but this was a great critique.
"Conduit" is the cable tacked...
SEE? That was the other elephant in the room that YOU noticed.

Matthew Robertson said...

I'm substantially impressed - and it's not like I'm about to tell you where or how to point the camera at night.

But for what it's worth, I found the shape of the moon distracting. Call me a photowanker, but even though I know it's not always round, I was wondering if it was showing motion blur. Like Tweety says, hot water can scald in less than twee seconds, and the moon can blur in about one-sixth of that time.

(Photowanker; noun: self-proclaimed 'photographer' who spends more time on forums than taking pictures, thinks Scott Kelby is funny, and likes to use the word "bokeh" in conversations without being sure how it's pronounced.)

WV: asheest - what people are thinking about me now.

Dave said...

The picture of you - the look in your eyes and the playful touch on the shoulder with that laugh. Great shot.