Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fiesta Noche Del Rio

The new season of weekend shows at the Arneson River Theater kicks off this Friday and Saturday nights.
If you don't already know, it's Mexican and Tex-Mex music and dance straddling the San Antonio River with the tourist barges barging-in between the stage and the audience.

Every Fri/Sat through the summer, and not too expensive.
The theater is in La Villita downtown.

My friend John has been the soundman at Arneson River Theater for many years and he hired me to help him set-up the short media kick-off event this morning. We gave reporters and supporters and tourists a quick peek at what the show is about, and there were speeches and a big cardboard check (charity is what SA's Fiesta events are supposed to be about) and musica y bailar.

It was fun being a roadie/stagehand for the day, with no need to think.

On the other hand, carrying all that gear up and down the stairs on our little arched bridges wasn't much fun. I'm used to rolling it.

I also didn't sleep more than about 15 minutes last night due to several days of stomach pain and having to get up when I'm usually going to bed.
It wasn't too bad, though.
I had fun, and got home by noon which was the perfect time to launch the most complete session of yardwork thus far in 2012 before the rains supposedly return tomorrow.

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