Monday, May 07, 2012

Luminaria 2012

We have wanted to check out Luminaria for probably the last 4 of the five years this event has existed. Got lucky in that rain postponed it from a Saturday in March when I had to work to last night when I was free. Meh. Wasn't impressed by any of the "art" or music. Expected much more quality and diversity and only saw a bunch of crap that we could have beaten with three minutes and 46 seconds of thought and a pickup truck load of band lights and sound from our garage. We're going to give it 2 or three more years to stew in it's own juices before going back to see if there is any growth.
The only photo I cared about was a re-visit of some old favorites from around 2006 or so. I was under the impression that all city fountains were supposed to be dry on account of Stage 2 Drought restrictions. It crossed my mind right before we got there that the city might (wisely) run the damned water for a big event at Hemisfair Plaza, and it looks like I was right. Some of my friends got interesting pics, but nothing I saw made me want to bust out the camera beyond a few half-assed attempts that were more about doing something anything after paying for parking and sweating a lot and dealing with masses of people.

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