Saturday, May 26, 2012

Televators Live

Looks like everyone was busy on the 18th
All the people who've asked us "When's the next show?" were absent, but at least I had Sylvia and some of MY friends show up.
A nice reality check for all concerned, highlighting the need to utilize social networks a bit more on the band side (I may be the only one who remembered...) and from the audience perspective it's advisable to NOT miss the show right after we've been playing our asses off in the studio and are smoking hot.

Special thanks to my darling Sylvia for taking some great pictures.

Jaime and his blue Yamahas.

David and his ESP/LTD.

Televators singer Bex shared the mic with Scot Taylor so we could do some Beastie Boys and pay respect.

I really liked having an assload of speakers behind me--looks pretty cool.
Only the 4x10" cabinet on top was connected, but that close to ear-level it's WAY easier to hear what's really going on tone-wise without turning up the volume too far.
Over the last few years with Loud Nine and Televators I've never used the same bass amp system twice, and it's been an education.
I'll go on the record now and say that I finally know for sure exactly what my dream system might look like for both live shows and recording, but I'm also confident that whatever might be available can be made to work.

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