Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 2: Fun In The Sun

Today started early, but luckily we're in the Pacific Time Zone so it wasn't as bad as it sounded at first.

The five of us went to Lake Tahoe Adventures to get outfitted with helmets and goggles and sign lots of release forms, then a bunch of other folks joined us on a shuttle bus for a long trip into the mountains.
Ending up in Hope Valley, we got introduced to our machines by our most excellent guide Danny and took off up into the snowy wilderness:

At the first stop, Danny took this pic with my phone--I didn't want to deal with bringing the big cameras and in full sun my Samsung does okay.

Over two hours on roads and trails, sometimes hauling serious quantities of ass, this was quite an adventure. Lots of historical places--Sylvia made a snow angel on the site where Kit Carson's party got stranded for a month.
We lucked into the best group and guide. The ones who left right after us got bogged down when a whole family just couldn't get the hang of operating snowmobiles--they eventually quit and the rest of that group carried on behind schedule only to have another family roll one machine and put some damage on another at the same spot. Weak!

While the ladies napped afterwards I took my infrared camera across the street to the stream and got a bunch of shots like this:

After naps we went down to Tahoe and split up--casinos for some, touristy shopping for others.
On our return I tried some night shots of tall pines and stars:

The full moon just now came over the mountains and eventually some good clouds joined the pachanga, so after some bloggus interruptus to shoot long exposures I bring you this:

Other than Facebooking pics from my phone, this is as close as it gets to instant blogging, and is why I bought a laptop for this trip.
Having a lot of fun both doing stuff and sharing it.
Tomorrow we're going up to the top of Heavenly Mountain, which is the kingdaddy around here.
Some will ski, some will sled, some will take pictures.
I'll be in at least one category...

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