Sunday, March 03, 2013

Treason Clouds

Fleeting vs "permanent", does solid envy gas?
Both reach ever higher within their unforgiving earthly limits.

Shape-shifting clouds celebrate their variety,
While branches and leaves can be heard dancing in the wind on moonless nights.

Personally, I'm a sucker for trees 'n' clouds.
Shapes and details that'll never be the same twice, especially in combination.
The old "No 2 snowflakes are ever alike" thing is a cute factoid because we can't see it without the help of science.
Clouds and trees have more patience than me but can't hold a candle to rocks, who gladly accept their dirt-bound fate.

Had a good scare today when I came home from the grocery store and found my PC deader than the LA Laker's chances at seeing the playoffs.
Power supply had failed completely, but what did it take down with it?
BAD things can happen.

I've kept a new unit on hand for many years because I actually listen to my PC guru, and it was a quick replacement job.
All is good--zero lost data or functionality.

But the cooling fan on this power supply is the loudest I've ever heard in my life!
Like a box fan on high in the same room, drowning out the TV.
Changing the indoor weather.
Moving clouds and branches around.

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Albatross said...

I love these images.