Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lake Tahoe--Finally

The weather and schedule came together today, so we took a cruise across Lake Tahoe on the M.S.Dixie II.
It's a "paddlewheel" made to look old-timey, but no smoke comes out of the stacks and there are some bonus screws underwater to augment the hydraulicly-driven stern wheel.

'Twas a fine time to be on the lake, and per our experience the weather changed constantly during the 2-hour tour.

A Sylvia pic of the two monkeys who lucked-out and got to fly to Tahoe.

Highway tunnels--supposedly the longest and shortest tunnels in Nevada.

I was hoping to see some of these clouds.
Seems like they are common in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

It was nice to be able to step back and shoot the snowy mountains from a distance.
Got a ton of these Views of Tahoe.

The bears and other critters are still hibernating, so the girls were excited to see a real wild bald eagle.
Lots of yelling and a quick lens change later...

These are the wild women with whom I've just spent a crazy week in Lake Tahoe:

All skiers and snowmobilers now.
Thanks for the great times, ladies.
I'll try to fill-in the blanks later.

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