Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Close.... departure.

Our advance team is in place getting everything squared away for our arrival, and posted some pics to Facebook:

Don't know if it's supposed to snow in the next week--sure hope so!

This is the house we're renting:

I know--a total dump, right?

Hopefully I'll have stuff to blog every day this week, and for a month afterwards.

Got my laptop all squared away, with card readers tested and Photoshop and other editing programs installed and tested.
I had Buz, my best friend and computer expert, take over this machine by remote control last night. Spent several hours watching stuff get deleted, installed, settings changed, boxes checked or unchecked, etc as he poked into every nook and cranny. There's a ton of stuff you can do to make Windows run faster and be more stable, and Buz knows all the tricks.
He's also a damn fine bass player.

It's bizarre watching your computer being operated by someone 1000 miles away!!!
Especially at lightning speed by an expert--I couldn't keep track of what was being done most of the time.
(BTW, if anyone could use a good tech, his rates are reasonable and he's an honest and decent man who could use the work. Hit me up for contact info.)

Haven't flown since we had to go to Arlington National Cemetery in 2004.
Scanner or fondle?

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