Sunday, May 27, 2007

Corpus Christi Marina With Selena

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Selena was a big deal here in South Texas, before and after her fan-club president shot her to death in a motel room after being confronted with evidence of embezzlement.
Google for the rest of the story--my main point is that Corpus Christi was her hometown so there's a memorial for Selena on the waterfront.
People leave all sorts of mementos and messages. Our favorite was the one we saw a few years ago that said "Selena We Still Love You And Miss You OK?" because you always want to ask dead people for permission to love and miss them, OK?
They might say no, so you would have to stop.

Getting the kids involved in City-Funded Arts and NecroCrafts™ is cool.

A nice relaxing View Of Texas, marina-style.
Lots of little sailboat masts sticking up. Yuck. I like the expensive and empty section better.

The entire downtown bayfront in Corpus is lined by these concrete bleachers, so untold thousands can partake of whatever events are held. It looks like an effective breakwater if the outer two aren't enough some day.

To Be Continued...


laanba said...

I love all these shots from Corpus. It makes me want to plan a quick trip down there myself.

And its funny, but I love seeing all the sailboats and their masts sticking up.

KeithAlanK said...

Thanks, L. I have spent many a weekend in downtown CC hotels in my rock band past, but this was the first trip carrying a camera and I tried to make the most of it.
I've never been to Galveston so can't compare, but CC has some great photo-ops. I only hit the ones planned from memory, and there's so much more if you like to use a map and take chances. I was lucky that the night was clear with small clouds because the next day was rainy and had the worst kind of overcast skies.