Saturday, May 19, 2007

Walker Ranch Park

A new trend in SA is to buy old ranches and turn them into parks.
What were once huge tracts of land visible from city streets only in the form of a gate across a driveway, and thus unknown to the public it terms of size and topography, these hidden treasures make excellent parks.

Located at West Ave and Nakoma, Walker Ranch Park has the usual playground, walking and hiking trails and benches. The parking lot is too small, but there's a second "secret" lot to be found across this long footbridge that spans Salado Creek. This lot is at the end of Rhapsody.

I had been catching glimpses of the zigzag bridge through the trees for over a year, but had no idea of it's size. Very cool.

The wildflowers were amazing, but since it was cloudy I used off-camera flash to shoot this Indian Blanket.

The ranch's windmill was kept to add flavor.
I highly recommend this park, and will return often to explore the other trails and seasonal variations.
Voelker Ranch (Blanco and Old Blanco) has been purchased and will get similar treatment. I have explored it already and hope the limestone cliff will fall within the park's boundaries. We'll know in a few years.

Blogger is giving Opera problems again, so I have to use Firefox once more.

Going to Corpus Christi tomorrow and Monday.
You can expect city and marina night photos, beach stuff, and the USS Lexington aircraft carrier--both the onboard tour and nightshots from the beach.

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