Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Rest Of 1st Friday

In the alley--sometimes the pop-up flash is exactly what you want to use.
Usually not, but I like what it did here partly because it was coming in from the side due to portrait orientation.
Only slightly from the side, so it makes a slight difference.

Cut-out metal lamps, shot through the shop's window.

Outside a small store.

As we left I saw the reflection of fireworks in a window. They weren't for 1st Friday--we think they were for the architects convention we heard about from two different people that night. One of the visiting architects was chitchatting with us while I was shooting these photos. He liked San Antonio very much.

After the finale I noticed the top of the tower shouded in smoke, and got my favorite photo of the night.

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Bruce said...

Definitely some beautiful night time color photography here. My fav is the one of the wall sconces.