Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Into Each Rodeo A Little Rain Must Fall

A sudden downpour, lightning and thunder, dirt turning to mud.

I gave up my prime location to make space for the cowboys, as we all hoped that the storm would pass quickly and the show would continue.

Surrounded by people milling about I noticed this charro watching the rain, drinking a cold cerveza.
I wanted this shot.
I needed this shot.

It finishes the story so perfectly, but it took time.
Someone with an uncanny ability to block me every single time the scene was "right" and a horse who kept poking his head in the window ruined five attempts.
Per my usual habit (and temper) I had actually quit trying at one point, but the photo above kept calling me back. (Plus, it was raining too hard to go anywhere)
I could see it, and all I needed to do was catch it.

Bad art, unexpected fireworks, flowers and foot-bridges and maybe a windmill--coming soon to a photoblog near you.

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