Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Corpus Christi

We took a 24-hour vacation at the coast Sunday/Monday.
Corpus Christi (Body Of Christ) is on a large bay 2 hours away on the Gulf Of Mexico.
Despite Chicago's nickname, CC is the true "Windy City" with the highest average sustained winds in the continental US--18mph I believe.
This sailboat is passing one of the marinas that are protected by two breakwaters.

At a fishing pier on the coast of Padre Island we came upon this fisherman who had just landed a baby hammerhead shark. He didn't have pliers to remove the hook, but since I am always prepared (my camera bag has all sorts of things in it) he was able to borrow my folding multi-tool while I snapped this picture.
Everyone was catching these little hammerheads, and tossing them back.
Too small.

Barnacles and swirling water around the legs of the pier. We were about 200 yards from the beach.

A surfer dude and his chick. She was scared, and he wasn't very good.

I have a ton of material from the trip--next up is night photos from the marina.

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