Saturday, October 06, 2007

AutoRacks Blurring Past Me

It was such a close thing, knowing the train is coming, knowing the light is going to be perfect, knowing I have my camera and tripod within easy reach, knowing where to stop the car to get the exact shot that's in my head....and yelling at the light to turnfreakinggreen so I can beat the crossing gates by a few seconds and come home a winner instead of a chump.
Man, it was close but I made it.
Bailed out the door spreading tripod legs and mounting the camera (pulled from the bag for me by my lovely assistant--thanks, birthday girl!) powering-up and turning wheels and pushing buttons--the train is here already--one quick exposure test of my best estimate no time to extend the tripod's legs but checking the LCD I like the low angle okay go with it take a deep breath swivel a little for better composition lock everything down and POW here's the photo I was after.

Check the review--yes, that's what I wanted.
Now I can relax and play around, but this first shot is still the best one because my head was spinning with 15 things to get right and there was no time to spare and I work best under pressure sometimes.

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