Saturday, October 06, 2007

Private Passenger Cars

The four old and historic passenger cars owned by Cruising By Rail were parked at Sunset Station last friday night.
Imagine taking a group trip across America in your own private cars.
Friends and drinks and food hauling ass from town to town, watching these United States whooshing past the windows.
And probably getting better service than Amtrak provides, although you're stuck with the usual Amtrak delays because they're the only ones who can drag these cars around.

If you check out the link above you can read about the amazing history of these museum pieces.
I enjoyed shooting them, but I forgot to reach out and actually touch them.

The night train pulled into the station while we were there, so I walked to the head end to get this photo.
The thought of a weekend stay in Austin after taking the train sounds really good right now.

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