Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Peppers And Lizards

These are chiltepins, called the 'mother of all peppers' because it's believed all chili peppers descend from them.
They're also the smallest, very nearly the hottest, and are the only ones native to the USA.
Mockingbirds love them (birds don't have the receptors to taste 'hot') and poop the seeds along fences everywhere, so these pea-sized chilis grow wild all over the southwest.
I raised my plants from seeds and they're covered with hundreds of these little firebombs.

This tiny baby green anole lives in-and-around my serrano pepper plants. Like the fruit behind him, he's small but growing fast.

I spotted him asleep on top of a leaf the other night.
Using flash, I back-lit his bed while getting direct light on his face--a neat trick.
Never really woke up despite all of my bright and noisy activities.
Poops in his sleep, too--I have proof.

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