Thursday, October 04, 2007

Magic Carpet Ride

Click on the bug
I had no intention of shooting any more katydids.
Been there, done that, moving on...

Then I spotted this one that had gotten into the house somehow.
Hmmm, a lengthy and complicated photo session always goes better with air conditioning.
I was after a completely different pose, and only shot this one for a new banner as you can see on top of the page. (I like how it looks as if the white text is lighting the katydid.)

Well, I liked this picture enough to put it on my Flickr page, and it has shot right up to being my 3rd most popular photo in just 24 hours. And it's been Favorited way more times than any other photo of mine as well as making it into Explore. The Strobist himself faved it right away, and that has a lot to do with the explosive popularity of this shot I almost threw away.
The pose isn't even my style--I think that if Matthew shot bug macros this would be what they look like.

If you like green, stay tuned. I've been spending time with my various pepper plants this week.


Matthew Robertson said...

The pose isn't even my style--I think that if Matthew shot bug macros this would be what they look like.

You're absolutely right, which is probably one reason why I'm so taken with this one.

All of your strobe photography has been excellent. I've found it really inspirational. (The fact that being inspired usually costs me money isn't something that I'll blame on you.)

KeithAlanK said...

Thanks for the kind words, M. I was starting to worry that I would never get another comment here despite my recent hard work.
Like your response to a certain penguin implied, controlling/shaping light is the all-important next step in photography once you master everything technical on the camera and the computer. I embrace the challenge and can't wait to move up to the flash equipment that will help me capture the images in my mind's eye.
There are some startling and dangerous things floating around my brain that need to come out.
The Sony F1000 will remain in the arsenal, as it works pretty well for my bug/toad/lizard macros. I saw today that the iPhone possibly uses the same 2.5mm 4-conductor plug and jack, so these will be easier to find as parts next year for making an extension cable.