Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Braunfels Afternoon

Monday was a nice enough day for travelling so we went upstate a little ways to New Braunfels.
Here's a train that had perfect timing--just as I got within spitting distance of the tracks across San Antonio Street I heard the horn.
It's passing in front of the Missouri Pacific Museum in the old International & Great Northern depot. If it looks like I'm dangerously close to the train it's because I was. I'm still a bit out-of-practice at train photography but this time I was able to knock out 4-5 good exposures as it approached, which is a skill I thought I had lost.

But then I seemed to lose my touch again, as I was only able to get this single frame of the Landa Park train.
Must have been going too fast.
The engineer had a terrific grin for me, and the guy with the bored wife took my picture.
Kids waved at us.

Some Landa Park ducks.
I haven't shot ducks in a long time, either.

The whole day felt like 2005 to me.
My other photos from Monday are all throwbacks to previous interests and shooting styles, too.
It's kind of creepy.
I hope the same thing doesn't happen at Chalk It Up! tomorrow.
Having shot the same event two years running so far, I hope there's some improvement in how I approach things this time because I'm getting tired of flashing katydids and shooting fountains at night--not that I have stopped doing katydids or fountains, I'm just saving the latest ones for the next new-photo-drought.

Planned rut-breakers: A new set of chili pepper studio pictures for people's kitchens.
Also, finishing the Playground series now that the new playground is open.
And I have an idea for a fun cow photo.
You guys like cows, right?

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