Friday, November 09, 2007

Falling Water 3 (x2): My Favorite(s)

Buz and I had a blast shooting at Hemisfair last Sunday night. Despite multiple trips it never gets old to me and I always seem to find a new favorite photo here.
Like this one.
It combines many of my favorite aspects of both the place and my photographic techniques.
The smooth water is among the best I've ever captured, if I do say so myself.

On the other hand, some rare birds aren't enchanted by smooth long-exposure water.
They've told me so, and are 100% entitled to feel that way.
For them, I have added a little handheld flash mid-way through the exposure to freeze enough of the waterfall and spray to make things look more realistic.

I don't dislike this version at all.
In fact, it's far superior to using flash alone on water at night because the long-exposure part of the equation adds color and density that simply don't exist in flash-only photos.
Trust me, I've tried many times in many places using many methods and the results are just too thin and weak looking, and don't do a credible good job of conveying what the eye/brain/heart actually see at night.

Both of these are uploaded for you at 1024x768 resolution so you can really dig into the details.
(Hit F11 on your keyboard's top row to take your browser into full-screen mode. F11 again will return to normal.)

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