Sunday, November 25, 2007

The SA Zoo

It's been almost three years since we went to the excellent San Antonio Zoo. The upgrades since then are nice, and the works-in-progress are better still.
Sleepy kangaroo--kind of redundant or something since all I ever see them do is lay around snoozing and scratching.

Desert Iguanas, from the desert southwest USA.

A pair of juvenile Komodo Dragons. We're lucky to have bred Komodos in captivity--a testament to our fine zoo staff.

A misconception I keep hearing is that it's impossible to get the kind of selective-focus I got in the last two pictures using cameras with small sensors.
Not only doesn't this claim make any sense, it's an outright lie.
And these were perfect situations for using iso200 and my new monopod, as the shutter speeds were in the danger zone--from 1/60 to 1/5 in the reptile house is to be expected.
Also, shooting through glass meant (to me, anyway) using a rubber lens hood that I could mash againt the window to eliminate reflections and help steady my camera. I went to the zoo prepared and all of my theories were proven correct. This is one of those gratifying times that makes up for all those other occasions when I was dead wrong about how to handle a difficult situation.

More to come.

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