Friday, November 30, 2007

A Quick Sunset

After several days of complete overcast skies with rain, it was time for a change.
On the way home from running errands, we could see some interesting cloud shapes on the western horizon that might be worth a picture or two. Getting closer revealed a thin strip of clear sky signalling an end to our current weather.

Stopping at a place I know that has a rare clear view to the west (lots of hills around here) we saw that the sun was no longer high enough above the interesting clouds, so they weren't back-lit the way they were before.
Instead I concentrated on the tall grasses, using flash as shown above.

That's when this happened.
This is Sylvia's very first published photo using her new camera, a Sony T-70
Two other people driving by stopped to take pictures at this time--the light was that amazing.
And short-lived.

At one point I turned around and got this example of just how red the sunlight was for the two or three minutes it was visible that day.

Since we were on the edge of a field there really wasn't anything worth shooting besides the grass, so here's some lit by the setting sun.


TiOheM said...

Nice shots,Keith.

laanba said...

I really love the first one.