Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween 2007

At the second Halloween party on a hectic Saturday night I was surprised by this scene. More and more people own prints of my work, but this was the first time I have ever walked into someone's home and seen one of mine framed on the wall.
I like everything about this display.
Thanks, Holly--you made my day!

As you may have guessed, there was a Halloween party at Holly's house.
Here's a view towards the rear of the property.

Graveyard out front.

Her most excellent firepit that makes mine look like a joke, although I enjoy portablility.

Hope you enjoy this one, H.

Some of the action at our house. Smoke and strobes of course.
Two flashing strobelights serve to disorient the trick-or-treaters, as does the bubblewrap under a rug on the sidewalk that pops and makes some of them scream--parents included.

This half-dummy I made is a new addition to the team.
Many kids of all ages never made it to the door this year. We cracked a front window and listened to their sobbing and screaming.
Their loss, since we give a good selection of treats.

I never got around to carving these fake pumpkins. My plans for them include internal strobes, possibly smoke, and animated movement. I should have them ready for next year.

A handful of kids--those without costumes or the ones who won't say "trick or treat" but are old enough to know better--got tricked instead of treated again this year.
It's our standard practice to drop packets of TacoBell sauce into their bags instead of candy.
They are colorful, the right shape and size, and make the correct 'plop' when they hit the bottom of the bag. (Ketchup packets aren't funny--it has to be TacoBell sauce).
Our porch is dark and my witches are skilled so they never know what we've done until it's time to inventory the loot at home. We love to imagine the look on their faces.

Halloween has rules.

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