Thursday, February 14, 2008

Highway Project Continues

An out-take from the shoot at the end of January.

These two were from a quick run in early February--and as usual I scouted a couple of new places from which to shoot.

As I continue adding to this series my enthusiasm increases. Hardly anybody shoots highways at night, and I have the good fortune of many nearby projects that give me brand-new highways and ramps on a regular basis.
The goal when shooting is to turn something we see every day but never really see into something memorable.


Anonymous said...

Those are some great shots. I'm guessing that things are nearing completion since I see road signs?

God, I wish they'd build some new highways up here in the Portland area. Instead they build a tram to a hospital and they're planning a new light rail line at a quarter billion dollars per mile. Meanwhile everyone sits on the freeways at 10mph.

KeithAlanK said...

All of my shots are of in-use roadways. I wait for breaks in the traffic--there's a red streak in the first one lower-left.

While we could certainly use some light rail here, that's not our price point.
We're turning all of our 3-lane highways into 5-lane right now, although the projected future traffic estimates say we won't need five lanes for 20 years. Just doing it now while the price is right. Probably the only major city that is smart enough to do it this way?

Dave said...

I love that third shot with the yellow signs. Awesome stuff. I'll think of these as I drive over the bridges!