Friday, February 29, 2008

My Next Gallery Show

"First Friday" (March 7) at Blue Star.

We'll also be opening on Thursday night so friends and family can get convenient parking and not have to deal with the huge FF crowds.
Call me for directions next week--I'll have the exact address Sunday night--it's in one of the new loft condos.

I can't decide between beer and wine for Friday night...and I better not have to work like I did last time. (Edit: I don't. Yay!)

Two of the new prints shown will be:
I just printed this one and it looks beautiful, and is a real departure from my other work.

An infrared shot that really solidified my black & white techniques--lots of work to shoot and edit but the print is amazing.
In fact, I started over in Photoshop before printing so it looks much better than this version.

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