Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Huebner/Onion Homestead

The Huebner/Onion Homestead is a local project that includes restoring a frontier house and turning the surrounding land into a park with historical education as a focus. The building is right on Bandera road so I see it all the time, and newspaper updates have made mention of the parklands but I only had educated guesses as to where they were specifically located.
On a recent afternoon walk in an adjacent park I discovered all of this stuff by accident while exploring off the usual trails.

The 1st clue that there was something I hadn't seen before. Walking up to this sign I found a barely-used dirt trail--one way pointed right towards the location of the Huebner/Onion house so I went in the other direction.

Finding another new sign, I followed a twisting and turning path through open grassland that was full of various cactus and succulents before finding the little Huebner Family burial plot tucked into some trees.

On my own way back to the main trail I decided to bushwhack a little to see what kind of views most people would miss.
Finding this scene I got my infrared gear together and took a few shots.
Then I had to get out my little multi-tool and use the pliers to remove a few hundred small prickly-pear cactus spines from my pants and camera bag.
One of them was surrounded by scar tissue and working it's way out of my left inside knee when I finally plucked it out four days later.

Heading back to the parking lot three slides attracted my attention.
The tallest was an old all-steel one like I remember from my youth, so I made some tests for my too-long-dormant 'Playground' series that needs to be completed someday.
The sun wasn't in a good place at the time and neither was I, but at least I know where to find a reflective slide again in the future.

For the first weeks of the year I had many things happening photographically that got me into a mindset of quality versus quantity and style versus substance.
Mainly it was technique instead of trying to tell stories.

Somehow forgot that Views Of Texas was about Texas first.
Working on correcting my lack of focus.

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