Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Highway Photos

The big interchange at Loop410 and IH10 is coming along nicely.
New ramps and lanes are being opened all the time which greatly reduces traffic congestion, and of course new pavement always feels nice under your wheels.
I found a great new location that has convenient parking and a lot of different vantage points from which to shoot.

I like the Roman Aquaduct look of this one.

In this new edit it easier to tell that I was shooting from the street. A car came around the curve on the left while my camera was still doing it's noise-reduction processing. I held my ground until it was finished then grabbed my tripod and ran.
Needless to say, with restricted visibility I was cutting things close and didn't shoot any others from here--I'm glad this one came out so well.

The building on the left is TransGuide.
They monitor all of the cameras on the highways in San Antonio and issue alerts of problems on overhead displays, plus you can watch any of the cameras on TV or the internet. This makes planning alternate routes around gridlock and accidents a breeze.
I plan to shoot from the TransGuide parking lot soon.


Dave said...

Your lighting is incredible, the pictures are so crisp and clear. The happy snaps I take with my digital camera seem so incredibly inadequate after viewing these.

I take pictures to record a moment in my day; yours are clearly art.

KeithAlanK said...

Thanks Dave.
I have worked very hard at it.

KeithAlanK said...

And I should mention that your photos do the job you require of them very well.
That's all that matters.
It ain't a pissing contest.

My camera is old and considered obsolete at only 5 megapixels--it just has Manual mode for full control of exposure and a threaded lens for using filters, plus I taught myself a lot of things through a few years of trial and error.
The lens itself is by Zeiss for bright and clear Teutonic Precision which goes a long way.
I have to use my tripod a lot for my "Art" which can be a huge pain in the ass.