Monday, May 19, 2008

The HITMEN Reunion--Coming Soon!

This Coming Sunday!!!
Tell your friends.
The lineup will be Brian Cheatham on vocals, David McCall on guitar, Steve Gonzalez on drums and Matt Brown and John Jarrett on bass. Special featured guests hopefully will include Mike Gallegos, Travis Cano, Jaime Flores and others.

Of course, I will be handling the sound and lights.

Since this will be on the Sunday before Memorial Day there's no reason you can't come out and see the old crowd we used to have so much fun with.

OASIS is right next to Wise Guys and Fast Eddie's at Embassy Oaks--West Ave and Bitters.
Never a cover charge.

This will be your last chance to see the best cover band in San Antonio history, so don't miss it!

Brian and David will play a short acoustic set during halftime of the Spurs/Lakers game--the Hitmen will start after this important Western Conference Finals matchup is decided.


KeithAlanK said...

Looking back, it's a little surprising that I was a member of The Hitmen for a longer continuous period of time than anyone else except for founding member David McCall.
During the years I ran sound there were three singers, four bassists and two drummers.
There was a drummer and bass player in previous versions of the band long before I joined full-time.
John Jarrett has played the most parts, starting on drums and then doing sound and eventually playing bass at the end.

ElGuz7 said...

I wonder what ever happened to their original singer; the one from back in '92? Powerful voice!