Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Walker Ranch Park: A Return Trip

My first visit to this park was last May after torrential spring rains gave us a wildflower explosion, although I was preoccupied by the windmill and unique footbridge.

This time I shot in infrared most of the time, trying to pull more data from the clouds which would be almost pure grey if photographed in color.

This field had some wildflowers but only one type, unlike last year.

Here is my personal favorite view.

This photo is everyone else's favorite although I only shot it for one of my friend Matthew's Assignments at a photography forum we both moderate.
It does have my trademark receding diagonal lines, and blends rigid man-made construction with the chaos of nature fairly well.
I was only trying to demonstrate that a lens which isn't considered wide-angle by most people can be used in a way to make it look wide.

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Dave said...

Your personal favorite is mine. I love that view and that picture. Awesome stuff.