Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetery.

This stone wasn't placed until several months after the funeral in November 2004, and I haven't gone back since then to see it.
The recovery teams are still finding MIAs from the VietNam War and bringing them home.
With an entire AC47 aircrew lost in Laos way back in 1966 the press made a bigger deal over this one, but to me every Unknown Soldier is as important as the next.
Not knowing is a nightmare, and the families really appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the recovery teams, the people in Hawaii that try to ID remains, and the wonderful staff at Arlington and other National Cemeteries as well as the local liasons that arrange travel and accomodations.
My thanks to Hope for posting this photo on the web where I could find it.

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Dave said...

Great post. I salute you and your family.