Wednesday, May 14, 2008


These are an example of re-visiting locations and ideas to try and improve on them.
The original photos were taken in early 2006: Presa Street Bridge and Presa Street Bridge 2.

The reason I chose to feature the rivets on these old steel bridges is simple: Since I take these while on break from club gigs where I already have to haul a carload of crap downtown, bringing a tripod isn't going to happen.

I use whatever flat surfaces I can find on the bridges themselves since the exposures are several seconds long. Getting the focus onto the rivets is simply a matter of pressing the macro button, moving the focus brackets to the bottom position and also using the 'focus/re-compose' method. So technique influences style and subject matter in this case, for better or worse. The versions where the background is in-focus just don't do it for me--the blurry rivets are a distraction.

It's another example of my tendency to choose something most people don't notice and try to make it look 'epic' or dramatic, much like the highway series.

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