Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cloud Talk

Click to enlarge the photos, as always.

I call this one Comfort.The obvious reason is because that's the name of the closest town to where I shot this while driving to Kerrville on IH10. (Literally while driving, through the side window).
The other reason is that after the horrible summer we've had so far, ANY clouds offer some measure of comfort, from shade to the possibility of badly needed rain.
In fact, when I got home early the next morning I found that we had gotten an inch of free water, which our lawn appears to have appreciated.
In case you didn't know, plants of all kinds do better with rainwater compared to tap. Trace amounts of chlorine in treated water can't be good, and rain has more oxygen, nitrogen, and nutrient-carrying dirt in it.

The next night I caught this while taking a 2 minute break from working my ass off.
It's title is Rooftops, in the Robertson style, but it could just as easily have been Comfort, Too with a little crop.
A nice sunset calms me.

BTW--if you ever check properties on my photos and notice that the dimensions are exactly 900x602 pixels, you'll know that you're getting the entire frame just as I shot it--no cropping, just resized for the web.
I don't have a preference either way, although I tend to see the world in a slightly narrower aspect ratio than 3:2.
Maybe because I wear glasses, or because I have a 4:3 computer monitor?


Albatross said...

I like Rooftops. It's stunning they way that mass of orange-iness is set of by the trace of darkness provided by the little stray cloud.

KeithAlanK said...

Reminds me of the famous Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where they are lying on the grass and decide that the pretty blue sky needs...something; Like a little bit of red "right there".

So Calvin flew a red kite.

"Little Stray Cloud" would be a good name for a cute animal shelter puppy.
Thanks for the great comment!

Matthew said...

I also like Rooftops, naturally. If you hadn't included the eponymous element, the photo wouldn't be as strong. The tension between the little fluffy cloud and the black lines also keeps you from violating the background-not-a-subject rule.

Nicely done.

KeithAlanK said...

Gracias, benefactor.