Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Triathlon Continued

After riding 13.8 miles Sylvia navigates the transition area before starting the 3 mile run. (The swim was 500 meters).

No idea why a man would have a Barbie™ in his pocket, unless he knew I was there looking for weirdness. So...thanks?

While at least three women are wasting time high-fiving spectators, Sylvia pulls around the pack and pours it on.
She passed them all and got to "break" the tape.
(It's actually a heavy vinyl banner that race crew members raise again and again when there's a break in traffic).

It was great that some family members attended this event--it meant a lot to Sylvia.
We're all very proud of her!


laanba said...

Congratulations to her. That is quite an accomplishment to do all of that.

Bruce said...

Congrats to Sylvia. Her tag says she was in a "generic" triathalon; for me, it would have to be a "geriatric" triathalon.