Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Is Fun!

Now I know what 'Corpus Christi Texas' looks like in Russian or some such alphabet.

Might take a long time to get anything done about this one.

Here's a way to find YOUR stolen images: Tin Eye Reverse Image Search.
It's still a fairly new service but they already have over a billion photos in their database. When they were new I never got any returns, but now it's starting to work.


Albatross said...

You may be out of luck on this one.

I wonder if that graphic with the bird and the stars is supposed to be a flag? I've never seen one that looks like that, though.

KeithAlanK said...

I think it's a flag, too.
The website is VERY international and I found it in the Russian section but entries were from everywhere.
Someone had posted a daytime shot of the same Omni Hotel earlier in the thread and I think my "fan" was one-upping them.
Doubt if I'll ever know for sure without joining the forum and asking around.
Too much trouble--it's easier to just be flattered and have a beer.