Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Photo-Ops Are Drying Up

After I was finished working at SalsaFest in HemisFair Park I shot this at one of my favorite locations.
Stage II (III? I can't remember) means that all city fountains go dry, as well as any private ones that don't recirculate the same water over and over.

It's too hot to go out taking pictures for the hell of it anyway (even at night) but we probably won't have enough rain for the restrictions to lift anytime soon.
Looks like my love of shooting fountains at night will have to wait indefinitely, instead of being able to count on October.

It would be a good time to fix all the blown underwater lighting.


Dave said...

I thought at night there might be at least a little fountain action, what with the homeless crowd leaving their mark from time to time...

KenKzak said...

The urinal shots are at ZZakk's Garage.

What about the Japanese Tea Garden?
I haven't been back since the fixed it.

KeithAlanK said...

The Tea Gardens are good.
I don't think they can legally turn off the water without killing the floaty-plants and causing trouble.
It was beautiful last time I went, but there wasn't any MOVING water and I don't think it's open at night anyway.