Friday, December 23, 2011

December Miscellany

Went to a fine Christmas party, but only took one picture, and it was in the bathroom:
Wonder if anyone noticed a big flash in the gap under the door?
Sometimes I would rather drink and play with fire than take pictures.

Spotted at Target:

Doing yard work, I discovered that someone's been camping in our alley:
Five blankets/comforters, two pillows, and 2 books--'Garfield's 30th Book' and 'The Biggest Loser Calorie Counting Guide'.
When I tell this story, the reactions are evenly divided by gender.
Every woman says "How sad" and every man gets a little annoyed that there was a bum right behind my house for who knows how long.

With several weeks of regular rain the campsite was a soggy filthy useless mess, so I filled up our trash receptacle and it's long gone.

Remember this post from last year?
We finally know what the steam engine looks like with all it's lights:

I had forgotten all about this:
They contacted me a few years ago and asked permission to use my photo, which was nice considering how many times I find my work on sites that never asked and don't give me credit.
If you click on the pic it goes to that image on my Flickr pages, which is why I remembered. Trimming the fat, I was about to delete it.


Dave said...

I like that your Flickr picture was a possible launch point for a Craig's List-like Missed Connection. They made eye contact but she was afraid to approach him. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Keith Alan K said...

Got lucky on that side-story, Dave.

Merry Christmas!