Saturday, December 10, 2011


Been working my ass off learning songs for tonight's show.
Televators will be at Hot Tin Roof Saturday December 10th @ 10pm.
(Southeast-bound IH10 access road between Callaghan and 410--was Mama's back in the day)

We're going to be kind of loose in spots, but it's a very solid band.
A lot of our song choices might surprise you, but I think you'll like the way we interpret them. Still bummed that I couldn't get any Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb stuff in the mix, but maybe next time...

You can hear our original songs there, and sign up for free crap.
Hope to see you there.
No shots, please--I have a million notes to remember, and they have to be in the proper order.


The show went better than I expected--there were people who knew our original songs, and the way we played many of our covers went over really well.

This is the rarest of photos--me singing.
I'm a team player, and happened to have a mic...
The song was Hashpipe.

In response to the exclusion of RUSH yet again in this year's crop of inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we played the 2112 Overture + Temples Of Syrinx.
At the end, someone in the crowd shouted "Play the whole fucking thing!!" and I think that's possible with this band.
To confuse the nosy, it was the 1812 Overture on our setlists.
Kind of wild that in just a few weeks (plus a century) it'll actually BE 2112.

And here's the actual setlist from my very first paid gig that didn't involve a garage and someone's parents on vacation:
Note that the 4th set was listed as simply "2112". We played the entire 1st side of that album as well as we could. History repeats, eventually. Sounded a LOT better tonight.
Lots of other great classic tunes on that list...


Albatross said...

Hey, nice bass work on "The Spacing Guild"!

Keith Alan K said...

That cool part during the verses is when George and Martha Washington danced at the Halloween show. Gotta credit David, though. He wrote and recorded most of what's online, both guitar and bass plus some drums. Our next goal is to re-record all of the bass now that we have time. His style and mine are pretty similar, which is why I'm in the band.