Thursday, December 08, 2011

Made It!

After an agonizing morning spent on the foggy backroads, we were finally in familiar territory, although with 20 years worth of changes.

A convenience store on the last corner was a bit of a shock, so it was comforting to see that the driveway we were looking for was the same as it had been all our lives:

Likewise the house that holds so many memories:

It was a great visit--I only wish we could have stayed longer.
Got to visit with our aunt and three of the cousins on Thanksgiving day and part of Friday, along with new (to us) extended family. You can see how happy we were just being there:

The crops and cows and chickens are long gone since there aren't as many mouths to feed these days, but evidence remains:

When we were kids, this barbed wire was loosely wrapped around a much smaller tree:
It marked the end of the homestead, and the beginning of the wilderness where only us kids bothered to venture.
Lean-to campouts, the springs and the caves, running with the dogs, swinging on vines, being immersed in nature and was our playground.

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Dave said...

The picture of the barn and fence and the picture of the tree with barbed wire are both certainly postcard worthy.