Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gotta Clean House!

A huge beetle that I later learned was an Ox had crash-landed on the patio. Trying to get a decent photo of it at night meant using my big flash in one hand and a camera in the other.
Getting a good focus-lock wasn't easy, especially since the big bastard kept walking towards me, cruising right through my selected depth-of-focus.
Taking the "shotgun" approach I made as many exposures as possible before the mosquitoes stung my ass up for good and drove me back inside.
Imagine my surprise and delight at finding this photo that not only had the best focus on the Ox Beetle but also included one of those suck-up pillbugs and a mosquito frozen in flight by the flash.

It seems strange to me that there aren't any big snails here, yet I have no trouble finding plenty of them a few miles away in the yards of family and friends.
I guess they just haven't made their way this far northwest yet.

We're going to South Padre Island again, and not only will this be the longest visit ever but I also have three times the camera memory as last year and a few other surprises.
It's looking like the photo-trip to end all photo-trips so far.
When you consider how many posts got squeezed out of a mere 21 hours in Corpus Christi recently you can probably count on seeing seagulls and sunsets until November.

I think i just jinxed myself. Either catastrophic equipment failure or a freak hurricane are waiting for me.

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