Sunday, July 22, 2007


As different insects mature or migrate through town I keep getting new photo-ops.
This katydid was facing the ground on our patio screen door one night this week, and I popped flashes at close range for quite awhile.
After looking at results on the computer, I felt that bright and 'correct' exposure didn't do anything for me so I crossed my fingers and went back for another round.
Sure enough, this big stubborn jumper was still there and I was able to get a photo I liked.

Well I'll be damned. About an hour ago, none other than The Strobist himself picked this photo as one of his favorites from the Strobist Flickr Group.
He collects his faves from the pool every week or so, and puts them here, and I recommend clicking that link if you want to see some awesome flash photography.
When you consider that the group has 11,672 members, with many many incredibly talented professionals among them, you can see why I'm excited.


Infrared Photography Buzz said...

Beautiful light, makes a stunning shot Keith. Congrads on the strobist list. That's really sweet!

Matthew Robertson said...

Congratulations on the Strobist selection. That's a tough group to impress with some really strong work.