Thursday, July 26, 2007

Night Of The Living Snails

For some reason these big snails don't live in my neighborhood, but I know where to find them.
While this one was munching on a fallen hibiscus blossom, I was munching on trout.

It was too dark to go without using flash, and I prefer the way these look over sunlight any day.

My favorite, a portrait of a snail on a blue trash bin.

I guess I'm lucky we don't have these things eating our plants, but I do enjoy hanging out with them and taking their pictures.


Matthew said...

Wow. That second picture of the snail on the trash can looks as if it was shot in studio. Amazing.

KeithAlanK said...

Strobist technique is like that, although only a few of us do macro critters.
The sun wasn't quite down yet, but by using flash I had total control over the background and could drop it to black using a fast shutter, plus keep DOF (F6.3 if I recall).
I might never shoot a macro without flash ever again. To hell with flashlights.