Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roma & Bell

Looks tasty, right? They were.

I'll soon have to finish the workbench I've been building, which means losing a great place to do studio photos. A smooth white surface with no scratches at a nice height.
Forgive me, but I'm going to get a few out of my system while I can.
Off-camera flash requires mucho practice, but it's been paying off because I've been getting decent results in less time than ever before.

Damn yellowjackets have returned to my back yard, and I got stung twice today trying to cut the grass. Hurts like hell. Around midnight I'll be going commando on them.

I went to the playground in the previous post today looking to expand the series of photos, and everything was gone. All of the equipment had been torn out, and I'm sure they'll replace it with the overly safe crap the new parks have. Heaven forbid a child gets a booboo and learns to be more careful. Blame the lawyers and the parents who sue rather than watch their kids. Glad I got the picture while I could, since it was the last merry-go-round on this side of town.

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